To bring beautiful, high quality swim wear designed around different shapes and nurture a sustainable future through our ethical sourcing in Brazil.

Styelle first started off with the perception of a bringing Australia an inexpensive but attractive swim wear company that was going to source its production from a small Thailand manufacturer – after seeing the waste, Charys, our founder decided it was not what she wanted for the people of the world. With a passion for the protection of our planet and a love of the beach, Charys sought out having the swim wear made elsewhere. Months of research were well worth it when coming across the beautiful suppliers of Brazilian swimwear. Many people refer to our swimwear as “the best in the world” with its high quality double stitching and secure support cups. Our fabrics are printed both digitally and by hand (screen-printed). We cater for women of many shapes boasting original DuPont Lycra (developed spanning over 2 decades in 1962) as the main material of choice for our swim wear. 



So what does it mean to be ethical? A member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and taking on regular online training about ways to better the ethical side of her business, Charys is always looking to further her knowledge to bring only the best to your Styelle. “When you wear your Styelle bikini, you know that you not only look and feel great – but you have made your contribution to the ethical fashion movement. There are no children employed at our production houses – even the off-cuts of the materials are donated for art and crafts. The residues and recyclables are separated and collected by Votuporanga’s recycling company. ‘We are excited to allocate the residues without harming the environment” says Charys.



For our future plans, we are seeking out the sourcing of other fabrics from Econyl and are putting plans in place to support Coast care and Great Barrier Reef Foundation to protect our beautiful,priceless beaches and reef. Econyl collect fishing lines and other plastics from the oceans, melt them down and turn them into first grade nylon. “This will just be the beginning of our contribution to sustainable fashion,” says Charys. “ “There is much more to come as the business grows.” In 2018, we are releasing industry first, biodegradable swimwear which boasts a minimum 3 year life expectancy while being 30% biodegradable. Our target is to be 100% sustainable by the end of 2018. Everything down to upcycled packaging will be a part of the Styelle experience.”



Boasting over 17 years experience in the fashion industry, Charys knows where fashion is and where it is going. Trend forecasting is one of her specialties so you know when you hit the beach in your Styelle swimwear – you are well ahead in the fashion world!